This well-constructed 2-piece Wood Grinder breaks up your dry herbs and spices for more efficient use. Made of rich rosewood and equipped with solid metal pins, the high-quality Wood Grinder features an effective 2-piece design that’s unfussy and easy to use. Its ergonomic shape fits comfortably in your palm, making it an ideal compact grinder for portable use. A stylish lacquer finish offers a sophisticated touch.
  • Two-Piece Wood Grinder
  • Grinds Herbs and Spices
  • Made of Rosewood
  • Unfussy, Sturdy Design
  • Tough Metal Teeth
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Wood Grinder for Herbs

This high-quality 2-piece Wood Grinder is designed to carefully break up botanical dry herbs and spices. It features 2 parts made of solid carved wood, each with a metal teeth threading pattern to efficiently break up dry herb into smaller pieces.

Perfect for those who prefer ease-of-use, the Wood Grinder’s simplistic 2-piece design takes all the hassle out of grinding herbs. Simply pack one side and your herbs will be ready to go in no time. The unit’s metal pegs thoroughly crush material and offer the perfect cut.

The Wood Grinder boasts a sturdy wood build that will resist wear and tear over time. At just 2 inches in diameter, you can easily carry this handy and pocket-sized Wood Grinder with you in your pocket for a convenient on-the-go grinding.

Uses of a Wood Grinder

A must-have for dry herb connoisseurs, the Wood Grinder breaks up your herbs and spices into bits quickly and evenly for more efficient use. Its peg-shaped metal teeth evenly tears through herbs to achieve the perfect consistency.

The straightforward, no-nonsense design of the Wood Grinder makes it extremely easy to use. Simply separate the two wooden pieces. Use your fingers to gently break apart your herbs up so that they fit around the outer edges of the bottom piece, between the grinder’s metal teeth. Replace the lid of the Wood Grinder and rotate it around about 10 times. Open the lid again to reveal all your freshly ground herb.

Preparing your dry herbs with the Wood Grinder prior to consuming them through a herevaporizer, pipe, or bong offers a more enjoyable inhalation experience. A fine, uniform grind of herb increases surface area for more even burning.

Wood Grinder Features

With its high quality build and straightforward design, the Wood Grinder is ideal for both dry herb connoisseurs and those new to herb grinding.

This high-quality Wood Grinder allows you to avoid waste and quality loss that can come with trying to pick apart herb with your fingers. The grinder’s tough metal teeth pattern on the inside of each wood piece offer an excellent shred every time.

The Wood Grinder’s ergonomic shape contours to the palm of your hand for simple and effortless twists. Sized at 2-inches in diameter, the portable grinder is small enough to slip into a pants pocket for travel.

The grinder’s fine rosewood build and metal teeth offer solid durability and longer wear life, while its stylish lacquer provides a refined finish.

The 2-piece Wood Grinder is also extremely easy to clean. Simply use a small brush to knock any loose herb from pegs or the inner surface.


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