Keep your botanical herbs and foods fresher for longer with the the 2.35L capacity TightVac Container. Its patented partial vacuum-seal system offers superior protection from moisture and air, preserving the integrity of your goods for one year and beyond. At 10 ¼ inches tall, the 2.35L Container is one of the largest from TightVac and holds up to 1 to 3 pounds of dry goods or 150 grams of dry herbs. A convenient button-release system makes unsealing and sealing the container simple.
  • Airtight Storage
  • Preserves Goods for Up to a Year
  • Locks in Odors, Water Resistant
  • Comes in Clear, Solid, and Tint
  • Made of BPA Free Food Grade Materials
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TightVac Vacuum-Sealed Herbs Storage Container

The TightVac Container – .2.35L from Tightpac America Inc. stores and protects your dry foods and herbs for at least a year or more. With its patented partial vacuum-seal system, TightVac containers keep moisture and oxygen out for long-term preservation of the natural aromas and flavors of your favorite goods.

TightVac food and herb containers are made of high-quality food grade NSF and FDA approved materials for lasting durability. The TightVac Closure System features a button release valve that makes it easy to access and reseal your favorite herb, spices, teas, or whatever else you’d like to keep preserved.

This unique patented system allows gas build-up to slowly escape while keeping moisture and air out so your dry goods and herbs as fresh as they day you bought them for a long period of time.

Designed for at-home storage, the airtight 2.35L TightVac container comes in three different colors and looks, including Clear, Solid, and Tint.

Uses of the TightVac 2.35L Container

As the largest airtight container from TightVac, the 2.35L Container will hold most of your favorite food and dry herb products, including flour, brown sugar, pasta, tea, sugar, oatmeal, protein powders, and more. Refrigerated goods like cheese, lettuce, basil, cut onions, and leafy vegetable will last two times longer in the TightVac 2.35L Container.

TightVac Containers can also be used for long-term storage of your favorite dry herbs. The 2.35L model protects and preserves up to 150 grams of dry botanical herb at a time.

Getting in and out of the TightVac patented vacuum sealed system is easy and quick. Simply press the button on the cap and lift the lid off to fill or remove your goods. To reseal the container, press the button on the cap again before attaching the lid to create a vacuum seal — no pumping needed!

For sticky or smelly goods, such as coffee or some herbs, TightVac recommends using a strong zip lock bag inside the Vac to help keep the inner body of the container clean and assist with odor containment.

Features of the TightVac Container

The large TightVac Container – 2.35L provides the ultimate in preservation of dry and fresh goods. Able to hold up to 1 to 3 pounds of flour or similar, the .57L TightVac Container is a perfect choice for long-term storage at home. Store your favorite foods and goods on the counter, in a pantry, in the refrigerator, or in the freezer.

TightVac’s partial vacuum system is able to preserve herbs and foods for 1 year and beyond, allowing you to buy herb in bulk and save money. The patented button-closure system keeps moisture and oxygen out while allowing gas buildup to escape slowly, preserving the integrity and flavor of your dry herbs and other goods.

TightVac containers are made of extremely durable NSF International and FDA-approved materials that will last for 10 years when properly cared for. This BPA-free plastic is ideal for ensuring the safety of your consumable herbs, teas, and more. TightVacs are easy to hand wash using mild or natural cleaners.

At about 10.25 inches in height, the 2.35L TightVac Container is ideal for home use but still works for travel if needed.

About Tightpac America Inc.

Tightpac America Inc. offers the largest selection of vacuum sealed containers in the world. Founded in 2005, Tightpac America has invented and developed two unique patented vacuum systems, including its TightVac vacuum-sealed storage container system aimed at long-term preservation of dried and fresh goods.


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