Tahoe Og HTSFE (Terp Sauce) – SAP

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Tahoe OG is a strong, fast acting descendant of OG Kush. A great strain for those looking for serious pain relief with a touch of euphoria. In keeping with its OG Kush genetics, Tahoe OG possesses an earthy, lemony taste and offers a high like no other. Best enjoyed at night, the effects of Tahoe OG begin with a heavily sedating, full body buzz. This relaxed state slowly spreads to the mind, providing a cerebral boost of mental stimulation and increase in positive thinking. As the effects start to dissipate both the mind and body will be lulled into a blissful nights rest. Novice users keep in mind, Tahoe OG may induce lazy sedation, often leading to couch-lock. This powerful strain has been used to treat anxiety, chronic pain, lack of appetite, migraines and insomnia.


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