Designed for dry herb enthusiasts on-the-go, the Prometheus Pocket Pipe from Pyptek is a compact pipe perfect for portable use. Made using thermal-resistant borosilicate glass in the bowl and stem, the Prometheus Pocket Pipe pipe is surrounded by an aerospace-grade aluminum shell. A filter screen purifies for smoother rips, while an included rubber strap covers the bowl, protecting your leftover dry herbs for later.
  • Pocket-Friendly Pipe
  • Borosilicate Glass Pipe and Bowl
  • Sleek Aluminum Shell
  • Filter Screen
  • Available in 5 Colors
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Prometheus Pocket Pipe Features

The Prometheus Pocket Pipe from Pyptek offers unrivaled design and functionality. This high-quality pocket hand pipe is equipped with an all-borosilicate glass air path to maximize rich, smooth rips. A thermal-resistant glass core and bowl also makes the hand pipe easy to clean after each smoking session.

With smoother draws in mind, the Prometheus Pocket Pipe is equipped with a filter screen to remove particles and block embers. A carb hole on the left ensures optimal air flow to deliver an authentic smoking experience.

Offering the ultimate in durability, the Pyptek Pocket Pipe features an aluminum exoskeleton that protects from breaking or cracking. This sleek aerospace-grade aluminum shell also provides a cool surface for easy handling.

Every order of the Prometheus Pocket Pipe comes with a Borosilicate Glass Pipe Insert, a Borosilicate Glass Bowl Insert, an Anodized Aluminum Bowl Shell, an Anodized Aluminum Pipe Shell, 4 Filer Screens, 4 Replacement Rubber O’Rings, and a Save-A-Bowl Rubber Band.

The Prometheus Pocket Pipe comes in five color options (Black, Blue, Green, Red, and Purple) is about 3.5 inches long, perfect for portable use.

Uses of the Prometheus Pocket Pipe

The Prometheus Pocket Pipe is designed for smoking dry herbs to inhale their natural botanical effects.

Smoking dry herbs is straightforward and easy with the Prometheus Pocket Pipe. After finely grinding your dry herb with a high-quality herb grinder, place the herbs into the hand pipe’s glass bowl. Light your dry herbs, and with your mouth over the mouthpiece, gently inhale to draw the herb’s active compounds through the glass stem and into your lungs.

With proper care, the Prometheus Pocket Pipe will last you years. The anti-stick, nonporous surface of the borosilicate glass used to make the bowl and stem makes them easy to clean after each smoking session. The aluminum casing can be removed easily using a pen or similar, and warm water and a cleaning solution made of isopropyl alcohol and salt will clean away resin. A pipe cleaner will take care of resin more resistant.

Benefits of the Prometheus Pocket Pipe

The Prometheus Pocket Pipe and dry herb pipes like it offer efficient absorption for fast botanical effects. This glass hand pipe delivers the herb’s active botanical compounds as an inhalable smoke, offering near-immediate delivery to the bloodstream through the lungs.

The Prometheus Pocket Pipe is also a top choice for dry herb beginners. While efficient and easy to use, hand pipes like the Pocket Pipe do not produce as intense hits as steamroller, bubbler, or water pipes.

For dry herb smokers always on the move, the Prometheus Pocket Pipe is compact and durable enough to go along on the ride with you. The hand pipe’s solid yet lightweight aluminum casing protects the glass bowl and stem during storage and travel.

For botanical consumers seeking greater versatility, the Pocket Pipe from Prometheus is compatible with three concentrate kits (sold separately) designed for vaporizing botanical concentrates and waxy oils.

About PypTek

PypTek designs and engineers high-performing hybridized smoking products. Based in Denver, PypTek is known for their revolutionary American-made Prometheus glass pipes, which feature aerospace-grade aluminum exoskeletons for durable yet lightweight protection. PypTek’s high-quality smoking devices and accessories are made in Colorado by local machinists and glass blowers.


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