The Mighty Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel is a lightweight, portable vape known for its incredible power and efficiency. It features a combination of a full hot air convection heating system and additional conduction to provide a pure vapor experience. This 5.5-inch tall vaporizer has an integrated 1.4cm3 Filling Chamber designed for dry herbs and waxes. The Mighty is ideal for those looking for a portable vaporizer that still packs a punch.
  • Lightweight Vaporizer, 5.5″ x 3.2″, Battery Powered with Adapter
  • Patented Combined Convection and Conduction Heating for High Quality Vapor
  • Dual Lithium Ion Battery for Extended Battery Life
  • No Smoke, No Combustion, Lung Friendly
  • Plus and Minus Button Heating Control, 104°F to 410°F


Storz & Bickel Mighty Vaporizer

It’s truly incredible the power and efficiency found in Storz & Bickel’s lightweight and portable Mighty Vaporizer. Featuring a true convection heating system, this 5.5-inch tall vaporizer pumps clean, pure vapor and ensures a pleasant botanical vaporization from the first draw. The Mighty’s integrated 1.4cm3 Filling Chamber can be used for dry herbs or waxes. This high-quality, innovative design is ideal for those looking for an efficient, on-the-go vaporizer for wholesome use.

Features of the Mighty Portable Vaporizer

With the Mighty Vaporizer, Storz & Bickel has created a handheld, pocket-sized vaporizing device that produces superb vapor production. Introduced in 2014 and slightly larger than the portable Crafty Vaporizer, the battery-powered portable unit is among the most powerful and most respected vaporizer of its kind. The Mighty Vaporizer features Storz & Bickel’s patented combination of full hot air convection heating and additional conduction, effectively eliminating any and all toxins and other harmful byproducts by avoiding combustion. Instead, the Mighty dehydrates and heats the dry herb and waxes only to the point to release their yield of potent compounds, offering a respiratory friendly technique for health-conscious consumers, and a super efficient and safe way to vaporize.

Components of the Mighty Vaporizer Kit

Often compared to the Storz & Bickel’s iconic tabletop Volcano Vaporizer, the powerful Mighty offers thick clouds of vapor in a handheld device. Each Mighty Vaporizer Kit comes with a Power Adaptor, a Liquid Pad, a Dosing Capsule, three Spare Screens, a Cleaning Brush, an Herb Mill, a Filling Aid, a Seal Ring, and an easy-to-follow instruction manual.

Simply add your dry herb or waxes into the Mighty’s integrated 1.4cm3 Filling Chamber and hit the power button on the side of the unit to begin heating. Select your desired temperature by using the up and down buttons and the prominent LED display, and the Mighty will vibrate twice to indicate that it’s ready for use. The Cooling Unit with flippable mouthpiece will ensure clouds of clean, optimal flavor. The Mighty Vaporizer also features a draw sensitive timer that will cool down the unit if it senses that it is not being used after two minutes.

Two powerful lithium ion batteries will keep the Mighty vape operating for about 90-120 minutes on a single charge, while the power adapter can be used in place of completely drained batteries.

Benefits of the Mighty Vaporizer

The Storz & Bickel’s Mighty Vaporizer and other vaporizers like it are ideal for herb and concentrate enthusiasts who are seeking the healthiest method for consumption. Vaporizers transmit a clean, potent vapor, rather than smoke, which delivers the compounds to your bloodstream but eliminates dangerous toxins that can damage your lungs. While smoking causes harmful combustion, the Mighty Vaporizer uses a patented combination of full hot air convection heating and additional conduction to bring the dry herbs or waxes up to only boiling temperature, preventing any harmful byproducts. Vaporizers like the Mighty are an ideal tool for those looking for the cleanest method for benefitting from the natural health properties of botanical herb and oils.

All vaporizers ship separately.

About Storz & Bickel

Since being founded in 2002, Storz & Bickel has remained the worldwide vaporization market leader and holds multiple patents for their innovative vaporization designs. The Tuttlingen, Germany-based company started with its initial archetype desktop vaporizer, and have since expanded their product line to include portable and whip vaporizers. Focused on manufacturing quality and efficient medical herbal vaporizers, Storz & Bickel is the first and only vaporization company to manufacture certified medical devices for the inhalation of cannabinoids.

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