The sophisticated and ultra-portable Smoked Glass Taster from Marley Natural is ideal for getting a quick taste of your favorite dry herb material. Made of hand-blown borosilicate glass and just 3-inches long, this pocket-sized premium one-hitter pipe with solid mouthpiece is designed for botanical herb enthusiasts looking to enjoy quick flavorful draws while on the move. The Marley Natural Smoked Glass Taster is equipped with a deep bowl and a built-in ash catcher ensure flavorful draws that you’ll savor.
  • Sleek, One-Hitter Pipe
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Convenient, Portable Size
  • Built-In Ash Catcher, Solid Mouthpiece
  • Gold Accents
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Features of the Marley Natural Smoked Glass Taster

The Smoked Glass Taster for Herbs is Marley Natural’s signature one-hitter pipe, perfect for discreetly smoking the natural benefits dry botanical herbs. At just three inches tall, the ultra-compact Marley Natural Smoked Glass Taster allows for you to enjoy stealthy smooth botanical rips while home or out-and-about.

The Marley Natural Smoked Glass Taster is made of thick hand-blown borosilicate glass, offering durability and style. A a solid borosilicate glass mouthpiece that offers weight and delivers flavorful draws designed to savor.

While designed for a one-hit session, the Smoked Glass Taster is equipped with a deep bowl that holds enough for multiple draws. Its built-in ash catcher offers filtration to keep herb sessions smooth.

Aesthetically, the sleek Marley Natural Smoked Glass Taster features a smoky tinted glass body with a sophisticated wrapping gold ribbon and gold Marley Natural logo. Its dimensions are approximately 3.0” in height and 0.50” in diameter.

Uses of the Marley Natural Smoked Glass Taster

The Marley Natural Smoked Glass Taster is designed for enjoying quick tasteful hits of your favorite botanical dry herbs while on-the-go.

The Marley Natural Smoked Glass Taster is straightforward and simple to use. After using an herb grinder to break up your dry herbs into smaller particles, pack the herbs into the bowl of the the Smoked Glass Taster. Carefully light your dry herbs while positioning the flame as far away as possible, and gently inhale from the mouthpiece to draw the herb’s active compounds into your lungs.

The Marley Natural Smoked Glass Taster will last for years when cared for properly. Clean your Smoked Glass Taster pipe after each session by first tapping out any remaining herbs or resin and then following up with warm water and a cleaning solution, such as one made up of isopropyl alcohol and salt. A pipe cleaner works well on any tough residue left on the inside of the glass pipe. Allow the Marley Natural Smoked Glass Taster to air dry and then it’s good to go.

Benefits of Using the Marley Natural Smoked Glass Taster

Using the Marley natural Smoked Glass Taster to inhale your favorite dry herbs is an efficient way to deliver the material’s botanical compounds to your system. This one-hitter pipe allows for quick absorption through the lungs, where the compounds are sent nearly immediate to the bloodstream for quick effects.

Socially conscious consumers can feel good about buying the Marley Natural Smoked Glass Taster. Purchases of Marley Natural dry herb accessories like the Smoked Glass Taster support the company’s RISE UP social impact initiative. This non-profit initiative aims to promote Bob Marley’s vision of positive social change, environmental sustainability, and social justice by supporting environmental and farming projects in the United States and Jamaica.

About Marley Natural

Marley Natural is a Seattle-based premium product brand dedicated to empowering people with the positive potential of dry botanical herbs. Launched by the Bob Marley family, Marley Natural produces sophisticated accessories for experiencing herb’s nourishing benefits while promoting the idea of an inclusive, aware, and compassionate global community.


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