Experience smooth, buttery draws of your favorite botanical dry herbs with the Marley Natural Rise Up Bubbler. Touting a sophisticated and functional design, this standout water pipe is finely crafted using borosilicate glass. It features a powerful water filtration system and a carb hole for an efficiently elevated smoking experience. With its built-in ash catcher and elongated mouthpiece, the Marley Natural Rise Up Bubbler produces cool and flavorful draws that you’ll love to sip.
  • Sleek, One-Piece Bubbler
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Powerful Water Filtration System
  • Built-In Ash Catcher
  • Red ‘Rise Up’ Emblem
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Marley Natural Rise Up Bubbler Features

Marley Natural’s Rise Up Bubbler is a standout water pipe that blends both form and function for an unforgettable dry herb smoking experience.

Made of hand-blown borosilicate glass and featuring a large water chamber, the Marley Natural Rise Up Bubbler is a top-notch choice for botanical herb consumers who value cool, flavorful draws. This premium water pipe features a top-of-the-line eight-slit percolator and a splash-and-ash catch for a more efficient and enjoyable inhalation experience.

The Marley Natural Rise Up Bubbler features a carb hole to ensure optimal air flow, as well as an extended mouthpiece for convenient pulls. A built-in practical splash-and-ash catcher in the Marley Natural Rise Up Bubbler offers extra filtration for smoother, more enjoyable draws.

Aesthetically, the Marley Natural Rise Up Bubbler shines. Its sleek, smokey tinted glass is accented with a bold call to ‘Rise Up’ in red. At about 5-inches tall, the Marley Natural Rise Up Bubbler is small enough for portable use, and can be taken just about anywhere in a discreet fashion.

Uses of the Marley Natural Rise Up Bubbler

With the Marley Natural Rise Up Bubbler, you can enjoy much cooler draws that are gentler on the throat and lungs.

Using the Marley Natural Rise Up Bubbler is straightforward and easy. Simply fill it with fresh, clean, preferably cold water, covering the percolator about halfway. After using an herb grinder to break your favorite dry herbs into smaller particles, pack the herbs in the Rise Up Bubbler’s bowl. Use a finger to cover the carb and light your dry herbs. Turn off the lighter and remove your finger from the carb. With your mouth over the mouthpiece, gently inhale to draw the herb’s active compounds into the chamber and through the mouthpiece.

To clean your Rise Up Bubbler water pipe, rise out the inside and outside of the glass with warm water. Add in a cleaning solution, such as one made up of isopropyl alcohol and salt. Cover the openings of the bubbler and shake the glass water pipe vigorously until any leftover remnants are removed. Use warm water to rinse away the cleaning solution and your Marley Natural Rise Up Bubbler is good to go.

Benefits of Using the Marley Natural Rise Up Bubbler

Smoking with the Marley Natural Rise Up Bubbler allows you to deliver the beneficial compounds within your favorite dry herbs to your systems quickly. The herb’s active botanical compounds are almost immediately absorbed through the lungs and delivered to your bloodstream for fast natural effects.

Purchases of the Marley Natural Rise Up Bubbler and other Marley Natural dry herb accessories support RISE UP, a social impact initiative created to promote Bob Marley’s vision of positive social change, environmental sustainability, and social justice. The Marley Natural RISE UP non-profit initiative supports environmental and farming projects in the United States and Jamaica.

About Marley Natural

Marley Natural is a Seattle-based premium product brand dedicated to empowering people with the positive potential of dry botanical herbs. Launched by the Bob Marley family, Marley Natural produces sophisticated accessories for experiencing herb’s nourishing benefits while promoting the idea of an inclusive, aware, and compassionate global community.


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