With a unique laser-etched cherry wood design, the portable Magic Flight Launch Box vaporizer is perhaps the most recognizable on the market. Using rechargeable batteries, the Launch Box heats dry herbs to oven temperatures to safely release active compounds.
  • Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer
  • 5-Second Heat-Up Time
  • Efficient Usage of Herbal Materials
  • Potent, Safer Consumption Method
  • Beautiful, Hand Made Wooden Vaporizer


With its unique laser-etched cherry wood design, the portable Magic Flight Launch Box vaporizer is perhaps the most recognizable on the market. Using a pair of rechargeable NiMH batteries, the handheld Magic Flight Launch Box vaporizer heats dry herbs to oven temperatures to safely release their active compounds without burning. Combining its ultra fast heating element and small size, the Launch Box an ideal portable vaporizer for botanical herb users looking for a discreet, on-the-go method for consuming wholesome herbs.

Made in the USA from handcrafted wood and featuring a laser-etched quote from philosopher and inventor Forrest Landry, the 5-inch tall Magic Flight Launch Box is small enough to conceal in the palm of your hand. Designed specifically for portability and discreteness, the device is ready to go in seconds and consumers can opt to use its draw stem or draw directly from the box. With its wood encasing, the portable vaporizer also looks great sitting out on a desk.

Every Launch Box comes with 2 Magic Flight Launch Box Batteries with Battery Caps, a Cleaning Brush, a Glass Draw Stem, an AA Battery Charger, an Elastic Travel Band, and an instruction booklet. Despite its advanced design, the Magic Flight Box is extremely easy to use. Simply fill its trench with your dry, ground herb, and then push the battery all the way in to trigger the vaporizer’s heating element. In about five seconds, you can begin to draw from the vaporizer. In between draws, remove the battery to prevent burning and shake the box to loosen the herbs. When you’re ready for another draw, push the battery in again. The Launch Box’s unique heating method makes your vaporizing sessions extremely efficient, extending the life of your botanical herb material.

The Launch Box’s instruction booklet offers vaporizing tips to help users get the type of experience they’re looking for. The long slow draw method, ideal for beginners, produces little to no visible vapor but improves the taste of herbal material. The sipping method, recommended for more advanced vaping enthusiasts, produces more visible vapor.

Maintaining the Magic Flight Launch Box is simple. After you’ve finished with a trench of dry herb, empty it by turning the Box over and dumping any remaining material before using the included cleaning brush to remove any residual. Charge your batteries overnight and then cap them in the morning to protect them from shorting out until you’re ready for vaping. Rest assured that the Launch Box’s heating element is under an unprecedented lifetime functional warranty and Magic Flight, known for its top-notch customer service, will replace it for any reason.

For more health-conscious herb enthusiasts, the Magic Flight Launch Box and other vaporizers like it are an ideal consumption device. The Launch Box uses a unique system of conduction and infrared heating to transfer heat from its screens to the dried herb, releasing its active compounds as a potent vapor. This highly efficient method avoids igniting the herbal material and combustion, eliminating the harmful toxins that develop and can damage the throat and lungs. Those looking for a more respiratory-friendly consumption method prefer vaporization.

About Magic Flight

Known for the iconic Launch Box, Magic Flight manufacturers portable vaporizers from natural and renewable materials. Each Magic Flight vaporizer is hand manufactured by skilled, local artisans in San Diego, California. The Launch Box and other green products from Magic Flight are always covered by an unprecedented lifetime warranty.

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