Put flavor and performance first by caring for your glass pipes, rigs and vaporizers with the Higher Standards Supreme Clean Kit. Featuring a premium isopropyl alcohol cleaning solution, perfectly-sized salt grains, high-quality pipe sticks, dot wipes, a resin rag, a steam brush, and more, this carefully curated one-stop-shop kit gives you everything you need for the perfect cleaning ritual.
  • One-Stop Cleaning Kit
  • For Glass Pipes, Rigs and Vaporizers
  • Eliminates Tough Residue and Buildup
  • ISO Pure, Salt Rox, Cleaning Rags and Tools
  • Made of Pure Ingredients


Components of the Higher Standards Supreme Clean Kit

The Higher Standards Supreme Clean Kit is designed and curated for true vaping and smoking connoisseurs who value flavor and reliable smoothness. This one-stop-shop functional glass cleaning kit comes with everything you need for a deep cleaning session. Investing in this premium cleaning kit will keep your dab rigs, smoking pipes and vaporizers in tip-top shape.

Each Higher Standards Supreme Clean Kit comes in a resealable pouch with the following:

  • 1 16 oz. Bottle of ISO Pure
  • 1 23 oz. Bottle of Salt Rox
  • 12 Pipe Dreamz
  • 1 Resin Rag
  • 2 Dot Wipes
  • 6 Tube Tops
  • 1 Salt Schute
  • 1 Steam Brush

The uniquely convenient Higher Standards Steam Brush and Salt Schute are only available through this Supreme Clean Kit.

Uses of the Higher Standards Supreme Clean Kit

With proper care, your glass pipes, dab rigs, and vaporizers will serve you well for years. This high-end Higher Standards Supreme Clean Kit comes with everything needed for this necessary grudge work, and makes maintenance of your smoking and vaping accessories after each session easy.

The ISO Pure and Salt Rox serves as the foundation of any functional glass deep cleaning session. Simply blend a bit of the two to safely remove resistant resin or other sticky buildup from your pipe bowls, dab nails, vaporizer cartridges, and any silicone surfaces. For stubborn scrubbing jobs, the dual-textured and durable Dot Wipes feature a 70% isopropyl alcohol solution that can handle heavy buildup and offer a polished finish.

The finely-bristled Higher Standards Pipe Dreamz sticks allow you to thoroughly clean stems and airways of resin without irritating glass surfaces. Their textured surface act as a magnet, collecting resin from hard-to-reach places. For any obstruction from hard-to-reach connections, the cotton-tipped Higher Standards Pipe Stix gently clears away goop or ash.

Finish off your cleaning ritual by polishing your glass accessories with the included Higher Standards Resin Rags, made of a fine cotton blend.

Benefits of the Higher Standards Supreme Clean Kit

With the Higher Standards Supreme Clean Kit, you’ll always have the solution and tools on hand to stick with a solid maintenance regimen. The team at Higher Standards has carefully curated these much-needed cleaning items for those who put flavor and performance first.

Whether you’re a casual dry herb consumer or aficionado, regularly caring for your pipes, dab rigs, and vaporizers with the Higher Standards Supreme Clean Kit will lead to the most elevated smoking and vaping experiences. Not only is thoroughly cleaning your smoking and vaping accessories hygienic, it will enhance the quality of your sessions.

The Higher Standards Supreme Clean Kit helps preserve the flavor of your favorite dry herbs and flowers. Leftover residue and resin can impact the flavor of smoke and vapor as it passes through airways. A clean vaping or smoking accessory will ensure you experience all the flavors and characteristics of your premium herbs.

Cleaning your glass smoking and vaping devices with the tools found in the Higher Standards Supreme Clean Kit will also help avoid any clogging issues, ensuring that air flows optimally to maintain the quality of your sessions.

About Higher Standards

Higher Standards provides aficionados with premium American-made inhalation and storage accessories designed to amplify the botanical dry herb and concentrates experience. Headquartered in New York City, Higher Standards and their collection of heavy duty glass, hand-crafted accessories value both form and function.


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