Meet the last dab rig you likely will ever need. The Eyce Rig II upgrades its predecessor by adding a glass collar and reinforcing the chamber and stem cap for greater stability. Made of Eyce’s trademark futuristic platinum-cured silicone, the Rig II offers an unmatched level of durability. A hidden stash container and tool slots keep everything at hand, while a grade 2 titanium nail delivers huge botanical clouds you’ll savor.
  • Premium Dab Rig Kit
  • Platinum Cured Silicone Body
  • 10mm Glass Collar, Titanium Nail
  • Built in Concentrate Container & Four Tool Slots
  • Available in Multiple Color Options
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Features of the Eyce Rig II

Designed for dabbing botanical concentrates and waxy oils, the Rig II is an upgrade from Eyce’s previous best-selling, highly-popular silicone dab rig.

Arguably the most impressive silicone dab rig on the market, the new Eyce Rig II comes with a 10mm glass collar that acts as a heat barrier to protect the silicone. Reinforced chamber walls and stem cap boost stability. The Eyce Rig II is equipped with a 10mm reversible titanium nail, ensuring sessions of full powerful clouds of botanical vapor.

Made of extremely durable platinum-cured silicone, the Eyce Rig II is virtually indestructible. The break-resistant and lightweight silicone makes the Rig II extremely travel-friendly for those interested in dabbing wherever life leads.

With functionality in mind, Eyce designs their accessories to hold everything a dabber might need for their session. The Rig II features a hidden stash container in its base, as well as four tool slots, including a new slot for holding Eyce’s yet-released 10mm Carb Cab, within its silicone body.

Aesthetically, the Eyce Rig II makes its mark. This nearly indestructible dabbing rig comes in a wide variety of colorful options and features the Eyce logo along its chamber. It stands approximately 6 inches tall, and as a base diameter of about 3 inches.

Every order of the Eyce Rig II comes with a Platinum-Cured Silicone Body and Stem Cap, a 10mm Reversible Grade 2 Titanium Nail, a 10mm Borosilicate Collar, and a Wand.

Using the Eyce Rig II

The Rig II from Eyce is a superior dab rig for dabbing your favorite botanical concentrates and waxy oils. This premium silicone rig was designed for easy yet high-performing function.

Beginners and more advanced concentrate consumers can easily dab using the Eyce Rig II. Simply fill the dab rig’s chamber halfway with fresh, clean, preferably cold water. Using a quality heat source, such as a torch, carefully heat the dish of the titanium nail for about 10-15 seconds, holding the torch to the side to avoid burning the silicone. Use a dab tool to carefully place your concentrates into the nail while simultaneously inhaling from the mouthpiece. If you have a carb cap, sold separately, place it over the nail while continuing to inhale.

Caring for the Eyce Rig II will ensure long-lasting performance. Use warm water with a mild soap solution to clean your dab rig after every use.

Benefits of the Eyce Rig II

Dabbing with the Eyce Rig II or similar dab rigs is an extremely efficient way to deliver the natural effects of concentrates to your systems. When you dab, the botanical-filled clouds of vapor fill your lungs, where they’re nearly immediately absorbed and delivered to your bloodstream for fast natural effects.

Botanical fans seeking more intense natural effects of botanicals appreciate being able to dab concentrates using rigs like the Eyce Rig II. As their name suggests, concentrates contain concentrated amounts of active compounds, allowing them to offer intense natural effects with just a small amount.

For more health-conscious botanical consumers, dabbing concentrates with the Eyce Rig II or other dab rigs like it is an ideal choice. This premium dab rig uses a low temperature method for heating concentrates, avoiding combustion and its associated dangerous toxins and byproducts. Unlike smoke, the pure vapor clouds produced by dab rigs like the Eyce Rig II are gentler on the lungs and throat.

Dabbing enthusiasts seeking a dab rig with a bit of flare will enjoy the wide variety of psychedelic-style color options for the Eyce Rig II.

About Eyce

Founded in 2013, Eyce works tirelessly to produce a line of efficient and ergonomic platinum-cured silicone smoking devices. The Oregon-based company was the brainchild of Charles Hoch and his brother, who set out to provide innovative and functional dry herb pipes that offer unparalleled smoking experiences.


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