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Buy Sweet Skunk Kush Online 

Sweet Skunk, a nearly balanced hybrid, is said to be a cross of Skunk and Northern Lights. This pairing of opposites results in a potent high that induces strong euphoria and mental stimulation, with mild body effects. The Sweet Skunk high is as euphoric as they come – leaving the user in a blissfully hazy state, coupled with a sharp increase in unfocused creativity. Buy Sweet Skunk Kush Online

Sweet Skunk Kush

As this strain takes full effect – a rush of energy will flood the body – though difficulty in concentration will still persist. Sweet Skunk harbors a strong mixture of citrus, pine and sharp spices that tantilizes both the nose and palate. Buy Sweet Skunk Kush Online  Due to Sweet Skunk’s powerful cerebral high, novices users should mind their dosage.

Online Sweet Skunk Kush

This strain has  been used to treat various conditions including chronic pain, stress, anxiety, migraines and other headaches, and insomnia. This makes sense; the Southeast Asian “Hazey” bud structure is hard to ignore. Apparently, Steve had obtained two trays of clones for a grow, one labeled “Big Skunk” and the other “NL x Haze.” Upon planting and flowering the clones, one of the trays turned out to have a male that pollinated the crop, producing the seeds sold as Sweet Skunk. (Sometimes unplanned hybridization can yield outstanding individuals.)


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