The Boss Vaporizer by Atmos is a light-weight, durable and sleekly-designed portable vaporizer built for enjoying the rejuvenating benefits of vaping dry herbs. The Atmos Boss is equipped with a high-power 1200mAh battery and a high-grade stainless steel herb chamber for efficiently even heating to produce flavorful clouds you’ll enjoy savoring. Perfect for beginners and vaping connoisseurs, the Atmos Boss Vaporizer features no-fuss single-button functionality with LED light indicators for easy operation.
  • Pen-Style Dry Herb Vaporizer
  • Steel Herb Chamber, Ceramic Filter
  • Single Button Functionality
  • 1200mAh Battery
  • Rapid 45-Second Heating


Features of the Atmos Boss Vaporizer

The atmos boss vaporizer has quickly become a favorite dry herb vape pen among the vaping community for its reliable performance, ease-of-use, and conveniently portable size.

The Boss dry herb pen vaporizer by Atmos uses a 1200mAh battery and a convection-based high-grade stainless steel chamber to heat herbs evenly and quickly, delivering smooth botanical-filled vapor. A smooth airflow system boosts purity for comfortably cool draws.

Single button functionality makes the Atmos Boss a quality vaporizer choice for both beginners and advanced vaping consumers. Three quick clicks on the Boss’s single power button turns on the device, and a color LED light will let you know when it’s ready for use.

Easy to operate, the Atmos Boss vaporizer heats up and is ready to go within a minute’s time. Rather than requiring users to hold down a button as they draw, the Boss portable vape consistently maintains an optimal heating temperature of around 385 °F-400°F to avoid burning.

For dry herb consumers on-the-go, the Atmos Boss Vaporizer comes in a sleek, slim size with a rugged stainless steel body for durability. The portable dry herb vape pen is small enough to fit into any pocket, purse, or handbag.

Atmos Boss Vaporizer Accessories

Every order of the Atmos Boss Vaporizer comes with a Stainless Steel Herb Chamber, a Chamber Connector, a Mouthpiece, a Loading Tool, a Cleaning Brush, a Ceramic Filter, a Mesh Filter, a Wall Power Adaptor, a USB Charger, and a User Manual.

The Atmos Boss’s 1200 mAh battery can be easily charged with the included USB connection charger. Simply screw the battery into the USB charger, and attach the USB end into either a USB port or into any wall outlet using the included wall power adaptor. The Atmos Boss battery will illuminate green once fully charged.

Maintenance of the Atmos Boss Vaporizer is easy. The included cleaning brush is convenient for brushing out the screen and chamber after each session. After every 10-15 sessions or so, give the Atmos Boss heating chamber a more thorough cleaning using isopropyl alcohol and a q-tip. A damp cloth can be used to wipe down the Boss’s plastic mouthpiece.

Dry herb vaporizers like the Atmos Boss work best when dry herb is first ground into smaller pieces prior to being loading in the chamber. Herb grinders are available separately.

Benefits of the Atmos Boss Vaporizer

Health-conscious dry herb consumers will appreciate the Atmos Boss for providing a safe inhalable method for enjoying the natural benefits of herbs. Rather than producing smoke, the Atmos Boss uses convection heating to safely and evenly heat dry herb only to its vaporization point, producing pure, clean clouds of botanical-filled vapor that is easy on the lungs and throat.

The Atmos Boss and vaporizers like it deliver the natural benefits of dry herbs to your systems fast and efficiently. When you vape, the active compounds within the botanical-filled clouds of vapor are nearly immediately absorbed through the lungs for fast natural effects.

About Atmos

A world-leading company for innovative vaporizer technology and design, Atmos uses proprietary in-house engineering to produce some of the smallest high-performing vaporizers on the market. As a pioneer in the industry, AtmosRx holds a multitude of patents and trademarks and regularly produces new innovative hand-held vaporizer designs.


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