The 4-Piece Grinder from Herbivore is a must-have tool for anyone who enjoys consuming dry botanical herbs. Made from high-quality aluminum and featuring razor sharp blades, the 4-Piece Grinder evenly chops herbs into a fluffy consistency. Just a few twists on the grinder will break your dry herbs into small, even bits for more efficient use. A catcher below the screen gathers any valuable pollen knocked from your herbs during the grinding process.
  • Four-Piece Herb Grinder
  • Made of High-Grade Aluminum
  • Pollen Screen
  • Felt Pouch, Scrape Tool
  • Large, 63mm in Diameter
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4-Piece Grinder for Herbs

This Herbivore 4-Piece Grinder breaks up your favorite dry herbs into finer particles to increase versatility and enhance the flavor and aroma of your herbs.

Advanced yet easy to use, this high-quality herb grinder is made up of four pieces: a knurled lid, a chamber with teeth, a basket layer with aluminum screen, and a bottom catcher. Each fits together seamlessly for efficient grinding.

The 63mm Herbivore Grinder is built with high-grade aluminum for extra toughness and durability. Its diamond-shaped teeth maximize grinding performance and efficiency. A stainless steel pollen screen within the 4-Piece Grinder filters any small pollen particles that fall into the bottom storage department.

Herbivore’s 4-Piece Grinder features Herbivore branding on its lid and is available in black, blue, red, and silver color options. It’s dimensions are approximately 2.75 x 2.25 x 2.25 inches.

Uses of a 4-Piece Grinder

Herbivore’s 4-Piece Grinder evenly grinds your dry botanical herb materials to the perfect consistency. For vaping consumers, this means greater surface area of your materials and better vapor cloud production.

Using the Herbivore 4-Piece Grinder is simple and quick. Right before use, simply remove the top lid and place your dry herbs in between the grinder’s blades, using your fingers to gently break up the pieces to fit if necessary. Replace the grinder’s lid and rotate it a few rotations, or until all of your herb has fallen through the hole’s.

Access your broken up herbs by unscrewing the chamber with the teeth. You’ll find all your freshly grounded herb in the basket layer, ready for use.

The 4-Piece Grinder’s bottom layer, or catcher, collects any valuable herb pollen that has fallen through the screen. Use the included scrape tool to easily gather up the pollen.

With the 4-Piece Grinder, you’ll get more from your dry herb. By first preparing your dry herbs with the 4-Piece Grinder prior to consuming them through a herevaporizer, pipe, or bong, you’ll increase surface for more even burning, leading to a more enjoyable and flavorful inhalation experience.

4-Piece Grinder Features

This 4-Piece Grinder with a 63mm chamber is a larger grinder than most, ensuring you have ample space to thoroughly shred all of your botanical dry herb. With its strong and precisely-positioned aluminum teeth, this herb grinder takes just a few twists to thoroughly break up your herb to the ideal size.

Designed for you to maximize the benefits of your dry herb, the 4-Piece Grinder from Herbivore includes an aluminum pollen screen that catches and preserves any remaining granules for later use. An included scrape tool makes it easy to knock resin from the screen and into the bottom dish.

Despite its large chamber, this 4-Piece Grinder remains compact and ideal for portable use. Its durable aluminum body can handle regular wear from being carried, and an included felt pouch further protects its shell while you’re on the go.

Every order comes with the 4-Piece Grinder, a Felt Pouch, and a Scrape Tool.

About Herbivore Grinders

Based out of Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Herbivore Grinders & Accessories is known for making high-quality tools designed to evenly break up dry herb with minimal waste. Using durable materials and straightforward engineering, Herbivore Grinders 4-Piece and 2-Piece grinders are a must for any dry herb enthusiast.


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