For those needing a durable yet discreet herb grinder, the 2-Piece Grinder from Herbivore Grinders is a must-have. The 2-Piece Grinder is made from high-quality aluminum and features sharp and sturdy teeth to evenly grind dry herb down to finer granules for more efficient use. With its straightforward design, this 2-Piece grinder needs just a few twists to break your dry herbs into the perfect consistency. Its compact size makes it both travel friendly and stealthy.
  • Two-Piece Herb Grinder
  • Made of High-Grade Aluminum
  • Easy to Operate
  • Felt Pouch
  • 48mm Chamber Size
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2-Piece Grinder for Herbs

This Herbivore Grinder is a solid, 2-Piece Grinder that effortlessly crushes and grinds your dry botanical herb mixes into the desired fluffy texture. It’s a must-have tool for anyone who enjoys consuming dry botanical herbs using vaporizers, pipes, or bongs.

Made of high-grade aluminum and easy to use, the 2-Piece Grinder features a knurled lid and a bottom chamber with teeth. Both pieces fit together seamlessly for efficient grinding.

The 48mm Herbivore Grinder is equipped with aluminum diamond-shaped teeth that break up your favorite dry herbs into finer particles, increasing versatility and enhancing their flavor and aroma.

Herbivore’s 2-Piece Grinder features Herbivore branding on its lid and comes in black, blue, red, and silver color options. It’s dimensions are approximately 2.5 x 2.5 x 1.25 inches.

Uses of a 2-Piece Grinder for Herbs

This quality 2-Piece aluminum Grinder from Herbivore is engineered to evenly grind your favorite dry botanical herb materials into the perfect consistency prior to consumption.

For users of vaporizers, pipes, or bongs, smaller herb particles means greater surface area for more efficient and even heating and better cloud production. With the 4-Piece Grinder, you’ll get more from your dry herb.

Operating the Herbivore 2-Piece Grinder is straightforward and easy. Right before use, simply remove the unit’s knurled lid and place your dry herbs in between the grinder’s blades, using your fingers to gently break up the pieces to fit if necessary. Replace the grinder’s lid and rotate it a few rotations, or until all of your herb is broken down to the ideal consistency.

Access your valuable broken up herbs by unscrewing the grinder’s knurled lid. You’ll find all your freshly grounded herb in the bottom layer, collected between the bottom chamber’s teeth.

2-Piece Herb Grinder Features

This 48mm 2-Piece Herb Grinder is the smallest and most lightweight grinder in the Herbivore line, making it a perfect choice for those seeking discreet grinding.

The 2-Piece Herb Grinder is equipped with sharp, diamond-shaped teeth. Made of high-grade aluminum and precisely positioned within the chamber, this grinder thoroughly shreds all of your botanical dry herb after only a few twists of its knurled lid.

With its compact size, the 2-Piece Grinder is ideal size for hassle-free portable grinding. Its durable aluminum shell easily handles daily use and wear, and an included felt pouch further protects its outer body during transportation and storage.

Every order comes with the 2-Piece Grinder and a Felt Pouch.

About Herbivore Grinders

Based out of Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Herbivore Grinders & Accessories is known for making high-quality tools designed to evenly break up dry herb with minimal waste. Using durable materials and straightforward engineering, Herbivore Grinders 4-Piece and 2-Piece grinders are a must for any dry herb enthusiast.


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